Colorado Elections

Colorado has a unique voter-centric model for elections. For elections conducted by the County Clerk (Primaries, General, Presidential or odd-year coordinated November election), every active voter will receive their ballot by mail. Voter centers become available early and through election day for full voter services: registration, ballot replacement, accessible voting, etc. So the steps to voter are easy:

1. Register or update your voter registration.

2. Review your ballot.

3. Mail or drop off your ballot.

Need help? Go to for online registration information.


What is the ballot "cure process"?

A small proportion of voters who participated in the 2019 coordinated election may receive a letter and e-mail (if a voter e-mail was provided) from their county clerk’s office if they:

● Forgot to sign their ballot;

● Their signature did not match any example the clerk has on file, or;

● Their ballot envelope and instructions indicated they were required to submit a copy of an acceptable form of ID.

Voters have until Wednesday, Nov. 13th to “cure” or resolve these situations and have their ballot counted. These voters will receive an affidavit form and must submit the form and a copy of acceptable ID to their county clerk. Voters may submit by mail, e-mail, or come into the county clerk’s office. Counties may use a special phone application as an additional option. Find contact info for your county clerk here.

Be advised-

County clerks advise voters that interested parties, such as campaigns or party volunteers may directly contact voters to assist them in submitting this information. Under Colorado laws, this is publicly available information. Some may offer to take a photo of your affidavit and identification or deliver for you. These documents have personally identifying information and we recommend voters contact the office directly if they feel uncomfortable sharing that information with an unknown individual.

For a list of acceptable forms of ID, please link to the Secretary of State’s website here:

Need more info?

Contact your county clerk or Executive Director Pam Anderson at