Colorado Elections

Colorado has a unique voter-centric model for elections. For elections conducted by the County Clerk (Primaries, General, Presidential or odd-year coordinated), every active voter will receive their ballot by mail. Voter centers become available early and through election day for full voter services: registration, ballot replacement, accessible voting, etc. So the steps to voter are easy:

1. Register or update your voter registration.

2. Review your ballot.

3. Mail or drop off your ballot.

Need help? Visit a vote center in your county. Go to for your information on hours and locations.

Here is some detail for the 2018 General Election

How do I register to vote and when is the deadline?

Confirm your registration, update or register for the first time with a Colorado driver’s license or state Click on Find My Registration to update your registration if you are already registered but may need to change your address to receive your mail ballot. To receive your mail ballot, you must be registered or updated by October 29th. You may register in person at any of your county vote centers until close of polls at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, November 6th.

I’ve looked up my registration and it says I am inactive. What does that mean?

If your registration is inactive, it is because the county clerk sent you mail that was returned undeliverable. Ballots are mailed only to active registered voters. You can update your registration at or at a vote center when they open, beginning October 22nd.

When do ballots go out?

Ballots will be mailed starting the week of October 15th. Newly registered voters, updated registrations or replacement ballots can be mailed until October 29th. Vote centers are available for full services (registration, mail ballot, accessible voting, etc.) through close of polls on election day. Find your sample ballot and vote center locations at

Where can I drop off my ballot?

Voters may drop off ballots at vote centers, walk-up or drive through drop boxes in their county no later than 7PM on Election Day, November 6th. For locations and hours, go to You can choose to mail your ballot, but it must be received by 7PM on Election Day and postmarks do not count. The USPS does not recommend mailing your ballot after October 30th, or 1 week before the deadline. If you deposit your ballot in a drop box outside of your county by the deadline, it will be transferred to the appropriate county, verified, and counted, but it may delay its processing.

Vote Centers- One Stop Shop for Voter Services

Vote centers open in the counties no later than October 22nd. Voter may register, update registration, and vote in person early through Election Day. Voters may go to any vote center in their county. Find your county vote centers in your ballot instructions or at

Need more info?

Contact your county clerk or Executive Director Pam Anderson at